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Since 2003, the Crossing has provided an avenue for educational success, specifically designed for students who struggle in a traditional school environment.  Our Founder, Rob Staley, a former Principal of  Concord High School in Elkhart, was passionate about making a difference in the lives of teens looking for a fresh start. He started out with a handful of students and a dream of helping them navigate challenges to find success in life and learn through academics, job training,  and faith-based character education.  Our students come from all corners of the educational landscape.  In recent years, the Crossing has developed Career Pathway Programs for students who need a practical hands-on education.  Our welcoming and safe family environment helps our students feel a genuine sense of belonging. 

Over the years, our campuses have created unique School-Based Enterprises to assist students in gaining a better understanding of real-life business principles.

Spark Ignite

In 2015, the Crossing developed the Spark Ignite Candle Company as a way to teach students not only about manufacturing a product but also the principles of selling products in the marketplace. At first, students started out selling their candles in open-air markets, events, and directly to people visiting the campus and in 2018, began wholesaling the candles to Martin’s Super Markets in their 20+ stores in Northern Indiana. Each year, students try to expand the program to new wholesale customers and are so excited at the launch of e-commerce sales in the 2023-2024 school year with this very website!

Student Leadership

One of the most important principles of our program is to truly have our students operating the program under our Career Pathway Instructor’s leadership. The students are responsible for inventory, product procurement, quality control, controlling expenses, marketing, and every other aspect of running a business. Our students run the program, our staff supports them in their endeavors.

Meet our 2023-2024 Student Leader

Shyenne Parker

Shyenne started at the Crossing in 2021 after struggling to return to her public school post-COVID-19. She had spent a year in a virtual learning environment and was having a hard time returning to the traditional in-person educational system. Shyenne struggled at first, but after only a few short weeks in our Spark Ignite Candle Company, she rose to the challenges and has been leading the crew since last year. Shyenne has a passion for small business and is constantly taking the program to the next level.